CRYPtogams’ Traits In the Carpathians

Project members

Krisztina Buczkó

Department of Botany, Hungarian Natural History Museum

The PI coordinates the project. She is responsible for the siliceous algal analysis: diatoms will be identify the highest taxonomical level (species or variety level), but only the abundance of the Chrysophyceaen statospores will be estimated. Detailed photodocumentation (LM, SEM) will be made. She makes reconstruction (pH, TP, T) and publishes the results.
Enikő Katalin Magyari

Department of Environmental and Landscape Geography, Eötvös Loránd University, - MTA-MTM-ELTE Research Group for Paleontology

Eniko Magyari is the leader and coordinator of Quaternary research in Carpathians. She is the owner of cores obtained from Retezat Mts and lake Saint Lake Anne.
Marcel Mindrescu

University of Suceava, Romania

Marcel is responsible for the research project the Romanian side.
Mária Höhn

Department of Botany, Szent István University

She is senior researcher in the project based on her great experience on conifer studies esp. on Scots pine. She is a main expert on field work design and organising the trips. She is responsible on Scots pine trait measurment.
Viktória B-Béres

Panda conservatory

Viktória B.Béres is a diatom expert, with several publications on ecological guilds, funcional groups and with her co-authors she proposed the combined eco-morphological functional groups (CEMFG). She will test the proposed traits, also takes part in the publications.
Csilla Stenger-Kovács

Panda conservatory

She is diatom taxonomist and ecologist. She will work on diatom traits, dissemination, new generation diversity indices.
János Korponai

Földrajz és Környezettudományi Intézet (Soproni Egyetem)

He is an expert in palaeolimnology, mainly studies fossil Cladocera. His job focuses on field work and statistical analysis in R environmental.
László Lőkös

Department of Botany, Hungarian Natural History Museum

He is responsible on lichen studies on mires: sampling and identification.
Erzsébet Szurdoki

Department of Botany, Hungarian Natural History Museum

Erzsébet Szurdoki is a vegetation ecologist and specialist of Sphagna and bryophytes. Her main tasks in the project: water chemical measurments, moss identification, statistical analysis, dissemination, web-based activity, database R.
Katalin Báldi

Eötvös Loránd University

a földtani háttér biztosítása, geológiai, geomorfológiai vizsgálatok
Éva Ács

Danube Research Institute, MTA Centre for Ecological Research

Diatom taxonomy, esp. centric diatoms LM SEM investigation.
Lídia Szígyártó


Diatom taxonomy, esp. mire and bog diatoms.